On the plot

I'm not sure how I could actually quantify what having allotments means to me or my family. Or even begin to measure the amount of fun, depth and wealth of experience we enjoy there. Sometimes we just go to 'feed our eyes' as my friend Curtis would put it. Other times we weed, water, harvest and exchange seeds, plants, 'hello's and allsorts. Or hang over the wooden bridge watching tadpoles and horse leeches squadging about, experiment building, or follow bees dancing from flower to flower, scribbling poems or sketches with chalk and munching on tasty smellnices.
Turf seat – an experimental build
We meet the most interesting and interested folk there and we properly tire ourselves out with our efforts, albeit well fed by piles of sandwiches and mugs of tea happily shared with visiting friends. It is an amazing space and we are all very lucky to have the opportunity we do to share and explore it. Long may it continue.