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Water droplets captured on a leaf

Watering The Wildlife

It has been a strangely long dry period across the UK for the last few months, and thanks to being a potential El Nino year plus other factors large parts of the Globe have also been affected. On a do...
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Something about Foxes

Foxes. we used to consider them as animals of the Countryside, but as our species has so foolishly reduced the natural habitats and general conditions that provide the foxes with their natural dwellin...
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Beautiful Butterflies Grown at home

The very ethereal fairy quality and miraculous transformation that butterflies undergo does not escape the eye or heart of many children or adults. The very speed of it is also quite unbelievable when...
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Using Calcified Seaweed to improve soil

A lot of people still ask me what on Earth this product is and why on earth would anyone want to use it. It’s simple. It’s a great soil improver. Especially on clay, where not only does it help ac...
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Seed saving for the future

They are all sorts of crazy shapes and sizes those seeds and spores. Of course some plant reproduction is possible without them – by grafting tissue onto recipient stock plants, or splitting perenni...
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Home Fish tanks aren’t what I remember them to be – a few lonely fish swimming around the fake rock tower, with a hint of algae in the background and maybe a snail for luck....
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Seed bombs

Yes I can see leaves - and no that is NOT a weird animal poo. It is a seed bomb! ...
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Soil. Beautiful Soil

Ok. So I don't mind getting a bit grubby in the garden; in fact I quite like it, but what is this soil stuff we tread on/in/generally take for granted?...
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Our front garden overhaul

The front garden was crying out for a handrail, to stop the postman and other folk from even possibly slipping down the front escarpment. We happily discovered like many houses, ours was built on what...
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Crystal Palace Overground Festival

Gardener’s Question Time

Crystal Palace Overground Festival! A local festival for everyone! 26 – 29 JUNE 2014. Sunday 29th June is triangle day and at 3pm it’s Gardeners’ Question Time in The Greek Orthodox Church o...
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Haven 7th June

The company was great, the food was amazing and the people who came to play and peruse were delightful once again. We managed to all beat the weather in the end. Thanks Crystal Palace Food Market and ...
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Haven 24th May

What a lovely swathe of people – producing, populating and perusing the Crystal Palace Transition Town Food Market, Haynes Lane, SE19 3AP every Saturday, 10-3pm. But this Saturday and the one ...
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Haven upcoming

Sarah Newton, Sarah Burns and Michelle Falzon have collaborated to make a mini garden designed to prompt a thought of what is a Haven. We are kindly being hosted under the Crystal Palace Market banner...
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Bug houses

Easter holidays – one afternoon we gathered ourselves at Miche’s plot as variously sized and aged mums and kids from 4 families to have a go at making bug houses. Having made and bought va...
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Rediscover and connect nurturing of imagination for health and wider connection to the environment....
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On the plot

I’m not sure how I could actually quantify what having allotments means to me or my family. Or even begin to measure the amount of fun, depth and wealth of experience we enjoy there. Sometimes w...
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Spring into the Garden

‘‘Go and play in the garden’’ A sometimes exasperated suggestion offered by many parents in the past – I know mine did. Looking out of the windows today the weather does little to beckon man...
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