Beautiful butterflies grown at home

The very ethereal fairy quality and miraculous transformation that butterflies undergo does not escape the eye or heart of many children or adults. The very speed of it is also quite unbelievable when equivocated with the sheer mass of time it takes us mammalian human beings to even make up our minds about this or that; let alone gestate from an idea to a new born. Perhaps all the more reason to study the amazing life cycle of the butterfly – in the comfort of your own home.
Nature is amazing!

We've enjoyed this 3 years in a row now and each time the outcome has been slightly different. I'm happy to say that this year's butterflies were the most fully exuberant in their first flight out from the Butterfly garden, which gave us hope that they would be successful in their long flights and general butterfly endeavour as 'Painted ladies' may be predisposed. A bright sunny morning also played its' part in beckoning the creatures on their way.

I'd highly recommend the Butterfly Garden kit we bought from Insect Lore – see link aside here.

Everything is made very clear and easy, and as long as (in our case), you keep the pot of caterpillars and later the net within eyeshot of the smallest children but out of their reach when not under supervision, there is every reason for anyone to have a successful butterfly rearing and freeing experience.

The Caterpillars come with their feed in a pot once the voucher for their arrival has been activated, (having already received the net / garden), and when they metamorphose into Cocoons, they suspend themselves cleverly from the lid of the pot, (or all but one of ours did – we had to very carefully wind the tip of its cocoon into the whisps of silk thread so as to hang with its friends). Thankfully everything else proceeded well and they all exited from their cases without hiccup or frass, spent a day or two feeding from sliced oranges and syrup filled kitchen paper whilst practicing their wings before their departure.

Everyone, especially our eldest was quite excited to entertain the butterflies on fingers as they prepared for flight. There is something quite exciting as they gently pick their way across your hand and then start to quietly vibrate their wings then fly off. It really is like an aeroplane starting it's engine,

The net, having been abandoned by these brilliant creatures was immediately filled with plasticine and stones by our youngest just turned two, who pronounced "B flies gone". "Yes and glad they did before you got past the waving at them stage", I replied.

I've rescued and cleaned the net ready for next time. I'm already anticipating.

Grow Butterflies at home