Using Calcified Seaweed to improve soil

A lot of people still ask me what on earth Calcified Seaweed is and why on earth would anyone want to use it. It’s simple. It’s a great soil improver. Especially on clay, where not only does it help activate the healthy microbial micro fauna and flora to make the soil a more exciting place for all to exchange energy and better drainage, it also helps break up the cloggy boggyness that can be left over from a wet winter
In clay terms I think you can say it deflocculates – literally breaks the clay particles apart. Even if you are a no-dig die hard, you can sprinkle this over the task soil area as part of a feed and improve program and expect to see good things come. I have read that it is recommended to add every 3 years but I think you could do it every year if you make heavy demands of your soil, and less if you just don’t get around to it. 
Allotment chillis
Allotment chillies
I personally think it’s brilliant and unlike a lot of other soil amendments it’s even vegan. Great for lawns, fruit and veg, flowers trees and shrubs. Go on treat yourself!

Organic plant and soil fertiliser comes in all shapes and sizes and if you don't want the hassle of making your own, or you want to add to that, it really is worth having a look to see what's available and affordable – you will be pleasantly surprised. Sheep manure, for instance! Who'd have thought.
Seaweed garden feed product