advice and reviews

Advice and reviews
On this page you'll find a series of insightful videos and articles giving seasonal advice, and reviews of some of the fantastic products which can help you in your projects.

Something about Foxes

Foxes. we used to consider them as animals of the Countryside, but as our species has so foolishly reduced the natural habitats and general conditions that provide the foxes with their natural dwellin...
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Beautiful Butterflies Grown at home

The very ethereal fairy quality and miraculous transformation that butterflies undergo does not escape the eye or heart of many children or adults. The very speed of it is also quite unbelievable when...
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Using Calcified Seaweed to improve soil

A lot of people still ask me what on Earth this product is and why on earth would anyone want to use it. It’s simple. It’s a great soil improver. Especially on clay, where not only does it help ac...
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About our reviews
Here at Sarah Newton Garden Design we believe in complete transparency. None of the reviews on our site have been sponsored or paid for. These are products we buy ourselves and enjoy using, and we want to share that experience with our friends.

If anyone does provide us with a free product to test, we’ll let you know at the start of the review, and we promise to test it honestly. We will always express our own opinions on the products we review.
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