It has been a strangely long hot and dry year or two across the UK and thanks to being a potential El Nino year plus other factors large parts of the Globe have also been affected and some more extremely than others. On a domestic level, this means that animals of all species need a bit of help finding the tap, (especially in the Summer).
This is easy and cheap to do. If you run a business and you have customers in and out with dogs - you put down a dog bowl with water in it. if you live in a flat, and you like the birds, you can put a window suckered water dish out, or leave a dish on the balcony. If you have a garden, allotment or larger tracts of land, then the world if your oyster for spending as little or as much time or money as you like on water vessels for your wildlife - but it needs to be done.
Water droplets captured on a leaf
Water droplets captured on a leaf 
Everyone from the jovial frog and other amphibians, birds, small mammals and insects have water requirements, and they only go up as it gets hotter.

We have a multitude of recycled and first hand vessels in the garden and down at the allotment which have only increased over the years, as has the oxygenating plants that they are accompanied by with my obsession for 'living water'. We are lucky in that we had access to taps in both settings. The taps are dismantled for Winter at the allotment tho, which highlights the importance of rainwater capture for all use.

Here are some ideas for water vessels for your wildlife, and also some recycled bottle enterprises that cross over to bird feeders.

Recycle Drink Bottles Into Wild Bird Feeders
Recycle Drink Bottles Into Wild Bird Watering Stations