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At Sarah Newton Garden Design we help you to define your ideal brief so we can develop the best plan of action for your garden project.
We provide garden design, restoration, planting, landscaping, maintenance and exterior art commissions. We pride ourselves on great client relations, clear communication, creative solutions and tidy workmanship. We use organic methods wherever possible, advocate sustainability, recycling, growing your own, heritage food plants, composting, water conservation and planting for wildlife.
Call us today on 0800 298 2401 and let's discuss your next project. It's never too late to get your garden great! 
our services
Garden design and planning
Through consultation, we help you to define your brief to develop the best plan of action. We talk about the requirements and make notes, which is a great place to start. An initial plan and hand-drawn design to help visualise and discipline the project is advisable.
Personalised coaching
We are committed to a hands-on approach as there is no better way to understand and cultivate a space. We also think that this is the best way anyone can get to know plants and develop a relationship with them as contextualised by their own garden. 
Restoration and maintenance
We make sure your garden gets the care and attention it deserves to stay happy and healthy which means feeding, top dressing, pruning, and tickling. We maintain gardens for landlords letting their properties, families, senior citizens and working professionals.
Workshop development
Schools and community centred learning groups can also have a package designed to suit them individually including a run of workshops. Most recently we ran seed sowing workshops for ‘Stay and play’ at Cypress School, and a childminders group in Norbury.
Creative environments
The outdoor room. The garden. It can be an alchemist's mix up of mud and magic with hidden places for childs play, a nook to read, cook, grow, experiment, build, eat, create. It can be a place to dream, to recharge. What would be your dream garden?
Building soft structures
Using willow, hazel and other non-prepared natural materials to make structures for the garden is a lot of fun and very rewarding. Living willow domes for kids to hide in, tunnels to run through and structures to be later recycled into bean climbing frames.
some kind words from my clients
on the television
See me chatting to Chris Collins on BBC Gardeners' World.
Hampton Court Flower Show on BBC Gardeners World. An excerpt of an interview with Chris Collins at Spa Hill Allotments, Autumn 2007, exploring what it is to be an organic gardener of the new breed – the young ladies beginning to redress the allotment balance.
the latest news and advice
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Using Calcified Seaweed to improve soil

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