We have all seen the trials brought by extreme climactic difference. If you have soggy soil, then various techniques might be useful to support growing conditions. Especially if you want to grow veggies and not bend down so far. Raised beds might be a strategy to consider in this case.
I am a fan of  low level raised beds, and ground level practise alongside ditch and pathway protocols with appropriate mulching to deal to the ground and equally build it long term. Bark chips make a great top dressing on pathways whilst suppressing weeds and eventually build mycorrhizal and organic content. I use what is available on the beds.

Sometimes left over hay bales have found their way to the beds. Other times freshly dug compost and rotten manure have come in handy. This winter I am committed to triple layering system on the veggie beds using a cardboard layer, then compost, then strulch. These will be topped up as they degrade.

Weeds will be less. Moisture, nutrient levels and micro fauna. and flora will be favourable. Digging will be minimised.

It can be fun to add up the amounts of carbon loads in all their forms that can be accumulated in a growing zone. The allotment must have benefited by approx 45 - 50 tonnes in 20 years and with a great variety in origin and type; kitchen scrap, horse manure, home compost, council compost, promulch, bark chip logs, soil waste, leaf mould, cardboard, straw, nettle, comfrey and other herb and vegetable cuttings wilted and  regular compost to name but a few.

Lots of wins
Winter Garlic ready for planting out
Winter Garlic ready to plant out into a triple mulch raised bed.
Onions and garlic have been grown on in trays in the greenhouse then planted directly through the mulches in a raised bed with a mix of mycorrhizal, calcified seaweed, and a little bonemeal.

The pea and bean bed will be getting the same treatment and is currently accumulating the right materials. 

Really interested to hear what triple layering you could do. It should be a local influenced and unique/ site specific composite with your choice of amendments be they vegan, or organic or on your way making other choices.

I have a list of my 10 favourite mulches available.  Interested?
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Why not try Strulch as part of your soil system?