Seed bombs

Yes I can see leaves - and no that is NOT a weird animal poo. It is a seed bomb! Thankyou to Mrs Short, Mrs Chapman and all at Little Cypress  - Nursery and Rainbows for your enthusiastic soily and wild seed exploration, excitement, squidgings, squishings, makings into all sorts of shapes and throwings into the garden boundaries Monday 2nd November. Lots of fun! Now all we have to do and wait for the soil and seed to wash into the ground and see what comes up this coming Spring! Let's face it - a good bit of clay based loam is the original playdough, and what's not to like with moulding it as however we fancy, maybe with seeds inside, coated with wildflower seeds and a great big seed pod sticking out of it, then lobbing it into the undergrowth around trees and fences, leaving us something to look forward to. Guerilla gardening is not new, but it is for everybody, and we can do it for very little cost, and a lot of pleasure.
A seed bomb flattened
Get Guerilla gardening! If you're not sure how, ask me - I'd be more than happy to get you started! Where will you throw your seed bombs, share @newtonsarah.